About Us

Niramay Arogyavardhini is a movement to create healthy society by working on improvements in lifestyle. It aspires for the lifestyle that is aligned with laws of nature, needs of the body and one that values, prospers mental well-being. We inspire to create a health that is free of any medicines or suppliments.

Niramay Arogyavardhini’s first thinker and follower Rahul Karurkar developed his understanding of health through spiritual and yogsadhana perspective. Rahul later worked on understanding and experiencing the lifestyle that builds sustainable health. Niramay Arogyavardhini lifestyle is purely an experience-based experiment and is customisable to the individual member as per their personal circumstances.

The programme is based on the book titled ‘Niramay Arogyavardhini’ authored by Rahul Karurkar. The book creates a wholesome perspective about health that goes beyond mere body weight. It helps to understand minor details about your own mental health and physical stamina. The book also talks in detail about how to connect diet, and physical exercise with mental health. Niramay Arogyavardhini lays down a detailed well-reasoned diet plan. The choice and timing of food prescribed go beyond the cravings of tastebuds and evaluate food based on morality & the need of the body.

Our aim is to not just reduce weight but also reduce age by adopting the lifestyle that constantly performs anti aging Surgery on the mind and body.


The programme helps individuals introspect and define their own path of progress on all health parameters. The programme has so far transformed lifestyle for more than 700 families. The program is available for participants across the world.  The minimum age to participate for six-week program is 21 years with no upper age limit. You can register to avail the experience of the programme on the below link: